Granted the amount of information available

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Have a look at the recent Wild Card game between the Bears and Eagles for an example of how significant kicking is at the NFL. For example, playing Madden 20 coins that callous Chicago defence shouldn't be a cinch for kickers booting against the wind at Soldier Field, and it certainly shouldn't be easy playing against the blitz. At this time, it is. There is no benefit for drafting a kicker that is good at all.

Field goals may often be a difference maker in the real NFL, so why isn't that the case in Madden? Pressure on punts and kicks is essential, especially when players get to the Playoffs in Franchise.Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis do a fantastic job summarising plays Madden 19. They are a likeable, friendly duo who will not have players reaching for the volume controls or cursing EA's broadcast-heavy demonstration following a few games. As good as they are they naturally become repetitious as time passes.

It'd be wonderful to have an alternative.If FOX partners Joe Buck and Troy Aikman aren't accessible, then the tried-and-tested'friendly gramps' tones of Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth would be acceptable for following year's match. Their banter is much more endearing than that of Gaudin and Davis, and there is a tribute to their voices which screams class.As a side note, it would also be helpful if the commentators did not discuss over punishment flag announcements. Being not able to hear exactly what officials are saying since Davis is still telling viewers he never played in the NFL is annoying and sloppy.

Perhaps that's the way it needs to be granted the amount of information available, but we don't think so. There is certainly nothing stopping EA out of such as more cheap Mut 20 coins pomp and circumstance when it comes to such an epic three-day event. In the end, there is a lot of whistles and bells everywhere, so this feels like a wasted opportunity.As The Draft is all about hype and bragging rights, Madden should show a number of the top selections as they appear in the front of the media sporting their new team's colours. Should EA wish to go beyond and above that (a few cutscenes might not be sufficient ), then they ought to look at hiding some evaluations for lead prospects till they have played a few matches.