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In WoW, Blizzard created copies of the gold wow classic world, or layers, on each server. Each layer aids the game run smoothly and contains numerous players. Due to layering, two players on the same server could be on the exact same specific spot without visiting each other. However, if a single player invites the other to a group, the invited player will combine the coating of the one who sent the invitation.

This has exploited is by continuously leaving and joining certain groups. This lets players kill a particular monster that has a chance to shed a rare thing, leave a group, join another group in a different layer and on the other coating, the monster will soon be open to kill once again without hardly any waiting. Some players were also able to use the exploit to make over 100,000 gold, which is almost impossible to perform within the buy wow classic gold short amount of time since the game's release.

A Reddit thread on Sept. 17 showed the message players could receive for the tap. The punishment is a one month ban and the removal of items obtained by cheating. The programmer does not have a set time when the transfers will end, but it expects to discontinue Monday, Sept. 23.

Blizzard also followed up on DDoS attacks that occurred earlier in the month which stop many from playing the game. A forum post states the developer worked with law enforcement to locate the culprit who was afterwards arrested.Game manager Ion Hazzikostas confirmed another phase of WoW Classic will start later this season, based on a meeting with PC Gamer on Oct. 4. Contained in stage 2 are world bosses Kazzak and Azuregos, high-tech enemy characters that traveling across the map rather than being discovered just in a dungeon.