How the team intends to market Astellia

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From what I've seen, it seems that the work that is dubbing has been completed. Actually, Astellia Online provides a voice conversation system in the first parts of the game, and I think that the porting of this part is complete Astellia Online Asper.

The other fundamental change between the Asian version and the version that is European is your monetization system. No matter what you are doing, you can't dismiss the fact that the game was designed for a totally different audience, and this is reflected in the sport. Looking at pre-orders, we instantly see how the team intends to market Astellia in the West, and this item has its own advantages and disadvantages.

I haven't seen any kind of pay-to-win, which is a fantastic thing. From what I have discovered, there are things and these items are fundamental to PvP. This thing is quite common in Asian games, for us Westerners, but it's not suitable. However it does not appear that this notion has followed the game, and it is good because it is often one of the most crucial factors when playing an MMO.

Moving on, doing dungeons to receive new"stars" and experience is one of the key things about Astellia Online however from Astellia Online Asper for sale what I heard going farther there are limits. I didn't have the chance to try it for myself, but it would look that after you will have a restricted number of times to perform the dungeons and to possess more"conducts" you are going to need to make a purchase with money. Don't panic straight away, we don't know very well the thing is going to probably be structured, but it is.